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Same online dating game
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 CA Men Seeking Women
Nobody wants to hear that though. Everyone and their dead aunt believe they should be pulling the hottest chicks in the joint after just learning game. Then when it doesn’t happen they blame the girl for being a cold bitch or not good enough socially for them. Who the fuck are you? No really, who are you, that is to say why should any girl want to talk to you? This is a basic fumbling block for new guys. What, a girl should want to talk to you because you know game? Because you know how to neg them? Before you open up your mouth you better be different and interesting enough to stand apart from every other guy in the bar, any other guy who’ll try and pick her up that night. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to five or a dime. Always run your game at the same level because in the end it’s the same game. Sinatra once said, “You treat a lady like a dame and a dame like a lady”.

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 Dating Douchebags
Zeitgeist is a funny word that you read about, most of the time you’re not sure what people are talking about when they use it. Basically meaning “The Spirit of the times”, it’s a word that most critics use to sum up the collective climate of the current moment. Now that 2021 is officially wrapping up everyone will come out with a million top ten lists of movies, shows, music, and political news. But to me the spirit of the times in 2021 was a common thread of douchebags hitting rock bottom and then orchestrating a comeback back to the top of their game and more importantly back getting us to cheer for them. On the small screen we watched Don Draper’s fall from grace. While dealing with his divorce by turning to alcohol dependency we realized he hit rock bottom when he had a sloppy hook up with his mud turtle emotionally unstable secretary. A move old school Don would never have made if he was on top of his game. Luckily though he refocused, pulled his shit together and ended the season engaged to his new hot secretary that was more on the level of what we’re used to seeing him pull.

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 Craigslist Comeback
Entourage a show typically about douchbags showed what happens when it stopped trying to be funny and started getting real. Watching Vincent Chase go from Hollywood golden boy who dated good girls like Mandy Moore to pill popping, coke head, asshole dating porn star Sasha Grey was gripping. This season showing one of the possible ways the slippery slope of Hollywood can happen to anyone actually made us hope that eventually Vincent would get his shit together. The season finally actually left everything at rock bottom a different turn for a show where everything usually miraculously works out at the end (except the Medellin premier at Cannes) . But if you want to talk real life comeback story, about someone who hit rock bottom but came back in 2020 look no further than Mr. Michael Vick. Found guilty of a crime most American’s think is more serious than murdering a person, Vick was sentenced to two years, dropped by the NFL, all sponsors, fans, dead and forgotten. Taking a huge gamble Andy Reid took a chance and signed him as a backup. Midway through this season, his second game against the Redskins Vick did what he’s been doing his whole career on the field, break records and prove why he’s the most dangerous offensive weapon in the game. After that performance the phrase MVP was on everybody lips. From felon to MVP, I haven’t been around long enough but I don’t know if there has ever been a more hated athlete in America. Sure others have cheated on their wives, raped women and committed murder to come back and win champion ships, but not on this level of hate. When the President of the United States calls up your coach and gives him props for giving you a second chance be assured that your redemption story is all but complete. At this point the only unforgiveable act left for an athlete to do and be forgiven for is child molestation. Fucking America, got love it

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 Dating Victories
It’s winter in CA and don’t get it twisted it’s cold out there in the streets! All those 8s, 9s and dimes you were frolicking and rubbing elbows with during the summer and fall got hip to the groove and snatched up for the Winter time. So when you go out there are no hot single available girls to hit on. Drought. If you’re smart you find yourself a little something something to settle down with. If you’re forced to go out you’ve got make moves to escape the situation on the Mesrine tip. The thought of changing out of my Bishop Eddie Long collectors edition snuggie with the cut out hole in the back for easy number twos, leaving my constant 80 degree apartment, driving to a California U street spot and going from bar to bar only to be surrounded by dudes is pretty depressing. Even worse if there is an approachable girl she’ll probably be wearing leggings or jeggings or whatever name they’re giving to extra thick pantyhose these days paired with UGG boots. Honestly those legging things scare the shit out of me, for some reason I imagine that whatever girl is rocking those things probably didn’t shave her legs that day or her bush… true story. You can realistically go out and spend the whole night without approaching any girls. It’s times like this that the true players need to step their games up and even though the hottie sightings are far and few between, when one is spotted an approach must be made.

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